Managed Services

We Provide Quality Outsourced IT Services to our customers as either Full or Partial Support Service.

This is to enable our customers focus on their core business, while we focus on ours, which is Ensuring Service Uptime within Customer Environment.

Our goal is to help customers minimize or eliminate unplanned downtimes that affect business negatively.

Our years of experience of delivering this service to valued customers across different industries is an advantage.


Remote Support – This is done using Telephones, Instant Messenger, Emails or Remote Access to the environment. This is usually the first approach.

Proactive Support On-Site – This is based on agreed duration with the customer. The aim of the visit it to ensure that all critical services are performing optimally within the environment, and issues are detected before they any failure.

On-Demand Support – This will cover support for unplanned technical issues that may arise outside of the above. This will be such things as emergency calls.

Dedicated Resource(s) – This is a full outsourcing model where we have experienced resources permanently at customer site.

how can we help you?

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